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Video Transcript – Bronco Cribs | University Square Double Room with Gianna

Video Transcript


[Gianna Donabella, Film and Television Arts Major]: Hi! My name is Gianna Donabella. I’m a film and television production freshman here at BSU, and this is a tour of my dorm. Come on in!


[Gianna Donabella]: So this is my room. I live in the B suite. I share this room with my roommate Morgan, who is such a sweetheart! This is her side of the room. She has a lot of, like, little knickknacks of K-Pop stuff; but she’s more of like a neat freak, so she has more of a clean aesthetic than I do. For my aesthetic and my side of the room, I love the color yellow and I have a lot of just like motifs to my old life and my home life. I have pictures of my family and stuff right here that really help kind of tie the room together, and I love having these right above my bed because then it kind of reminds me of home. The room comes with a desk and a bed, which is really nice because I, as a film major, I sometimes spend some long nights editing, and using cameras, and my own little space right here. And then here’s my bed! We have, again, the yellow and I have a lot of storage underneath my bed. I brought way too many things when I moved in, which was my own fault. My mom told me not to, I still did!


[Gianna]: But I got these storage units from Target, which helped a lot because it helps with putting things away. Okay, So on the back of the door here, we actually have a hook that comes on both of the the suite doors, both of our rooms and on the bathroom door as well. And it’s a hook for any bags or any like coats and stuff, and it’s really helpful for our reusable bag collection. Then the best part about my room, I will have to say is the walk in closet. It is really nice and really big, and I will have to say just because no other dorm has this amenity and so I will say that it’s one of my favorites. I have one half and then Morgan has one half, and then I even have like part of my corner and my shelf in here. I was really nervous to be living with a roommate, especially in suites and square, but what’s really nice about this room is it feels big. It feels a lot bigger than it is. And what’s nice is like, especially having our beds on the opposite corners instead of right next to each other, It feels like we sometimes have more of a big area and like our own spaces.

[Video Description]: Gianna walks toward the kitchen, where we can see neat decorations and daily necessities.

[Gianna]: Okay, so this is the kitchen and it’s one of my favorite places of our entire dorm because I like to cook. Not all the time, I do like using my dining hall and housing and meal plan. But when, you know, when it’s 2 a.m. and you want ramen, you want ramen. It comes with a fully furnished kitchen and we have a lot of storage and these upper cabinets. We did bring our own microwave and toaster and, but it does come with its own dishwasher and our sink. And then we have the fridge, and the stove and the fridge both come with it. We have our dining table, which is right here. And then we have our magnets and our pantry. Which is stocked enough. We mostly use the dining hall for food, but we do have some things that we like having here.

[Video Description]: Gianna walks to a well lit living room with a black and white aesthetic, accompanied by furniture and decoration that complement the space.

[Gianna]: And then this is the living room. What’s really nice about Square is that we have this big open space. We don’t have anything closing us off from the living room into the kitchen. I’ve loved having people over for like movie nights or game nights, and it’s something that I’m very passionate about as I love having people over. Our living room, I’d like to say, is really great, because my roommates and I love to decorate. And so we have our own decorations and stuff. We’ve decorated our bathroom to feel more like us. The three of us have. And I brought this really cool rug that has strawberries and stuff on it. So in the bathroom, what comes with it is you have your own toilet, you have your own shower. and we also brought a shelf for more storage in the bathroom because you have nice storage. Thank you guys for coming over! I really loved showing you around! Unfortunately, I got to go, but I hope you guys have a really good time visiting the other residence halls. Bye!

[Video Description]: Your home away from home. Learn more about resident hall options, room details and applying for on-campus housing at