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Institute for Advancing American Values

Through dialogue, research and education, the Institute inspires us to talk and listen to each other respectfully about the issues and values that have shaped America and Americans from all walks of life.

Encouraging Conversation

Dialogue between multiple viewpoints spurs engagement, understanding and human connection.


Advancing understanding and differing interpretations of the values that define and shape the United States of America to further respectful engagement and critical thinking in public education and public life.


Becoming a national leader on restoring trust in public higher education.


  • Academic freedom and responsibility
  • Free expression
  • Intellectual honesty and intellectual humility
  • Intellectual courage
  • Critical thought and balanced analysis
  • Open, curious minds in search of truth
  • Constructive criticism and disagreement
  • Evidence-based reasoning in conversation, research, and education
  • Problem-solving and discovery
  • Respect and dignity of all peoples to inspire trust and relationship

Sharing Stories that Shape Our Lives