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Current Exhibitions in the Blue Galleries

Gallery hours, location and contact information can be found on the Blue Galleries homepage.

2023 Spring BFA Exhibition

Stylized text reads "Spring 2023 BFA Exhibition"

Candidates for the Spring 2023 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees in Visual Arts, Illustration, and Art Education present their BFA Exhibition at the Blue Galleries. The show brings together the work of undergraduate students from the Department of Art, Design and Visual Studies and represents a broad range of mediums, materials, and interests. The exhibition marks the culmination of four years of study and includes works in painting, drawing, illustration, photography, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, video installation, and art metals, showcasing the talents of a diverse group of artists who mined personal and social memories to create new and re-imagined worlds. The artists drew upon their experiences and interests to explore relationships between self and family, identity, intimate spaces, emotional landscapes, and contemporary social issues.

Black and white digital print featuring a woman leaning over the side of a chair with her hair draped over the back of the chair.
Ashley Erlebach, Tame the Tresses, Digital Print, 2023