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Associated Students of Boise State University


Welcome to the official student government of Boise State University! We exist to support students and student organizations alike through connection, funding, and the creation of student support services.

Committee Work

A large part of the work that ASBSU does to improve and impact the Boise State community is accomplished through our many committees. All BSU students are invited to join these committees and be involved in the work they do.

See our active committees here

Student involvement is central to the mission and success of ASBSU, so if you have an issue area or project you are passionate about, consider joining an active committee–or starting a new one.

ASBSU Branches

ASBSU is made up of three branches that work together to advocate for students.

  • The Executive Cabinet works closely with community and University leaders, and implements bills and resolutions.
  • The Academic Senate and General Assembly (together, the Legislature) gather and report student input, in the form of bills and resolutions on which they vote.
  • The Review Board acts as an impartial body to hold all of ASBSU accountable to our rules and to the student body.

Meeting Information

The following ASBSU meetings are public and are open to students and the greater Boise State community.

Executive Cabinet meetings: Fridays from 9:00 to 10:30 AM in the Student Involvement & Leadership Center.

Senate and Assembly joint meetings: Mondays from 6:00 to 7:00 PM in the Hatch Ballroom, please check our CampusGroups page for meeting locations or tune into our meetings virtually on YouTube.

Records & Documents

Reading meeting records, documents, and regulations is a good way to take your involvement to the next level or to double-check facts for yourself. These documents are publicly available and published regularly on the ASBSU website along with archived records from previous years.

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