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The Associated Students at Boise State University


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The Branches

There are five branches that encompass ASBSU: Executive Council, Assembly, Senate, Inclusive Excellence Student Council, and Student Funding Board. Each branch has its own mission and purpose.
ASBSU Governing Documents

Funding Board 2022-2023 Grant Application Process
Constitutional Convention Concerns

We are having a Constitutional Convention to review the ASBSU Governing Documents! Meetings and times will be posted here for future meetings!

Executive Branch Delegates 

Adam Jones, Ryan Bernard, Kalista Barkley

Academic Senate Delegates 

Ethan LaHaug, Alina Tirado

General Assembly Delegates 

Sebastian Griffin, Angelo Lopez

Funding Board Delegates 

Amaia Guerricabeitia, Eric Kline

IESC Delegates 

Leo Parry, Amelia Jobe

Students at Large

Darby O’Connor, Fenix Deitz

Constitutional Convention Concerns