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Inclusive Excellence Student Council


The Inclusive Excellence Student Council, referred to as the IESC in the remainder of this document, was created to continue the legacy work of student activists at Boise State University. We acknowledge that frontline communities have been historically underrepresented in academic institutions, but we are passionately working to meet your needs through structural and community initiatives in order to truly create long-term-transformative change.

We, the IESC, hold unique perspectives and identities that allow us to advocate, not only for ourselves, but everyone, by welcoming as many voices into the conversation. The IESC is made up of five members, the Vice President of Inclusive Excellence and 4 council members. The IESC is working from a source of love, empowerment, and education. We invite you to join the conversation!

This is a call to action, we ask for you to be an agent of social change within your own classrooms, relationships, and communities. Continue to rise up as one and bring others up as well! We are here for you.


The Inclusive Excellence Student Council consists of five positions. The Associate Vice President of Inclusive Excellence is an elected position. The four ISEC Council Members are all appointed positions.