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EEB Graduate Student, Megan Kelly-Slatten, interviewed on Graduate College’s GradTalk Podcast

“Megan Kelly-Slatten is a graduate student in the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior PhD program at Boise State University. Kelly-Slatten is originally from Long Beach, California.

Some of Megan’s research in a nutshell:

Soil, the largest terrestrial carbon (C) pool on Earth, is an important mediator of climate change because of its ability to transform atmospheric CO2 into stable soil carbon (Lal, 2004). However, degradation of the soil can lead to loss of soil C and an increase in atmospheric CO2. Understanding how to regulate soil C loss and increase soil C formation is critical.

Megan’s research is aimed at understanding how root morphology and root chemistry impact microbial community carbon use efficiency and priming and overall soil C sequestration.” -Boise State Graduate College

Listen to the GradTalk episode here.