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Medical Waste Disposal

What is Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)?

Regulated Medical Waste is generally defined as any solid waste that is generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals, and constitutes any waste, which may contain blood, body fluids or any other potentially infectious material such as:

  • Syringes, blades, disposable instruments, slides, pipettes, cultures, blood tubes, etc (all must be placed in sharps containers)
  • Dressing materials, band aids, cotton balls, surgical sponges and gauze
  • Disposable speculums, catheters, tubing, specimen containers
  • Diagnostic test kits
  • Disposable PPE
  • Drapes, surface coverings
  • Laboratory specimens, tissues, body parts
  • Any disposable item which may have had contact with infectious materials

How to Properly Package Regulated Medical Waste for Transportation and Disposal

  • All 6.2 Regulated Medical Waste must be packed into two plastic bags and then be placed into a transportation container that meets the DOT regulations. No uncontained liquids greater than 20cc permitted.
    photo of bag with balloon style knot

    Properly Secured Bag with Balloon Style Knot
  • The last bag must be tied with a “balloon” style knot.

    photo showing balloon style knot
    Example of a balloon style knot
  • Lids must be placed securely onto the container without obstructions or foreign material protruding from the container.
photo shows a properly secured waste container with lid fully clasped down
Properly Secured Waste Container Shown
improperly secured waste container with the bag drooping outside the can
Improperly Secured Waste Container Shown

Contact for Medical Waste Disposal Services

Larson -Miller Medical Waste Disposal Service

(208) 326-7272 or (801) 738-6545