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Leadership Institute in Teaching Evidence-Based Writing: C3WP: College, Career and Community Writers Program


(a 40% reduction on graduate fees, some scholarships available)

Presented by the Boise State Writing Project (An Affiliate of the National Writing Project)

Are you:

  • Interested in being part of a national NWP initiative: “Creating Respectful Discourse for Change in the 21st Century.”
  • Interested in how principles of guided inquiry and cognitive apprenticeship translate into instruction?
  • Looking to explore the teaching of argument as a way of coming to understand, as dialogue versus debate, to support learning in any content area?
  • Ready to identify key instructional shifts that will help you meet standards for reading and composing argument, and for using argument to promote disciplinary understanding?
  • Excited about exploring inquiry and cognitive apprenticeship strategies that motivate and engage learners, develop socio-emotional learning and executive functioning?
  • Searching for proven resources for assisting students to understand multiple perspectives, develop claims, evaluate evidence, and provide reasoning?
  • Enthusiastic about learning how to work with other teachers to analyze student work, so you can learn from students what they know and what they could learn next, and how to plan instruction that moves them forward?
  • Interested in becoming a thinking partner for other teachers, by developing and delivering formal and informal kinds of professional development to other teachers over time, looking for long term gains?

When: This workshop is not offered the summer of 2022.



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