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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

CAES at Boise State University

CAES is the catalyst to address our most ambitious energy challenges at the regional, national, and even global level. At its core, CAES exists to strengthen the connections, exchanges and resources-the essence of collaboration- to inspire new ideas, approaches, and impacts.


Department of Energy awards two fellowships to Boise State grad students
Groundbreaking Research with Dr. Estrada
Innovative partnership powers student education in ’21st Century Opportunities and Challenges in Energy’
Energy Policy Institute Adds Asst. Director of Research
How 'Dirty' are 'The Dirty Dozen'?
Hiring our Heroes

Story Ideas

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Story Ideas

Research and Economic Development News

Donna Llewellyn and Jillana Finnegan present at engineering conference
Lejo Flores to collaborate on large-scale atmospheric measurement project
Orb-weaving spiders catch light, sound and snacks on Boise Greenbelt bridges
Computing doctoral student interns at largest DOE national lab in country

Education, Innovation and Leadership News

Beyond The Blue: Award-winning professor wants to change the way materials corrode
Women in Leadership Conference moves online, tickets now available
National esports organization names Haskell coach of the year
New app will help students tell their stories in preparation for life after college