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Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)

CAES at Boise State University

The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) is the catalyst to address our most ambitious energy challenges at the regional, national, and even global level. At its core, CAES is a research, education, and innovation consortium that brings together students and faculty from the public research universities in Idaho, along with Idaho National Laboratory researchers to conduct cutting-edge energy research, educate the next generation of scientists in collaboration with industry leaders.


CAES Lead Helps Tackle Nuclear Waste Storage Issue
CAES Lead and Affiliate faculty promoted
Black Conducts Economic Study
BSU booms as cybersecurity hub with CAES Cybersecurity Lead
CAES Associate Director's Research Featured in Scientia
CAES Leads awarded NSF Grant Supplement

Research and Economic Development News

Experimental broadcast of whitewater river noise drives bats and birds away
Engineering team publishes ‘DNA Lite-Brite is a promising way to archive data for decades or longer’
Ahmed coauthors ‘Refugee camps can wreak enormous environmental damages – should source countries be liable for them?’
Sadegh co-authors ‘A dangerous fire season looms as the drought-stricken Western U.S. heads for a water crisis’

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