Center for Advanced Energy Studies

CAES at Boise State University

CAES is the catalyst to address our most ambitious energy challenges at the regional, national, and even global level. At its core, CAES exists to strengthen the connections, exchanges and resources-the essence of collaboration- to inspire new ideas, approaches, and impacts.

Strategic Pillars

  • Research:  CAES’s collaborative research broadens our teams and brings together world-class capabilities, facilities, and expertise.  Together we develop viable new technologies, effective policy recommendations, and networks of subject-matter experts.
  • Education:  CAES’s collaborative education augments the personalized learning experiences of students in the region through unique experiences afforded by the national laboratory that are not otherwise available.  Through collaboration in academics, we strengthen the pipeline connecting higher education the the workforces at the laboratory, in regional industry, and at the universities themselves.
  • Innovation:  CAES’s collaborative innovations supports entrepreneurial opportunities, industry partnerships, and tech-to-market impact.  By fostering regional start-up companies and facilitating industry partners, CAES plays a critical role in transitioning research and development to market impact.