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Advanced Materials Laboratory

Materials Processing and Materials Performance in Extreme Environments

Advanced Materials Laboratory

members of the Advanced Materials research group

The Advanced Materials research group is engaged in a variety of research programs focused on materials processing and materials performance in extreme environments. Much of the current research is focused on nuclear enabling technologies, including advanced materials development and sensors developments for in-situ nuclear reactor applications as part of the Advanced Sensors and Instrumentation Program, or ASI. Historically, the research group has been supported by:

The Department of EnergyBattelle Energy Alliance
The Center for Advanced Energy StudiesPratt and Whitney Aerospace
Idaho National LaboratoryEmisense, Inc.
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryCeramatec, Inc.
Los Alamos National LaboratoryGeneral Atomics, Inc.
Argonne National LaboratoryHiFunda, Inc.
The Department of DefenseAdvanced Ceramic Fibers, Inc.
U.S. NavyBoeing, Inc.
Office of Naval ResearchIris Light Technologies
The National Science Foundation

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