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Transport Characterization

Transport Characterization

Transport characterization is a cornerstone in understanding the dynamic behavior of materials concerning electronic and thermal transport properties. At the forefront of such investigations, the Advanced Nanomaterials and Manufacturing Laboratory (ANML) at Boise State University employs an integrated suite of equipment, empowering our researchers to explore the electrical and thermal conductivity of materials with precision.

Agilent Characterization System

Variable Temperature Probe
  • Agilent 4156C Precision Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer w/Quasi Static CV
  • Agilent 41501B SMU and Pulse Generator Unit – 500kHz dual pulse generators for pulse voltage stressing and charge pumping measurements
  • Agilent 16440A SMU/Pulse Generator Selector
  • Agilent E5250A Low Leakage Switch Matrix
  • Agilent 81110A Pulse/Pattern Generator Unit
  • HP 4284A LCR meter
  • Metrics Technology Interactive Characterization Software (Controls 4156C system for automation!)
  • Agilent E3662B Rack Cabinet – Modularizes the Agilent Characterization System
  • Custom built aluminum Faraday cage with shielded probe feed-throughs

Keithly Characterization System

Keithly Characterization
  • 2-Keithley 4200 Semiconductor Characterization System – 4 source measurement units and 4 pre-amps with 0.1 femtoampere current resolution. One 4200 has the PIV-A, PIV-Q, and C-V options
  • Keithley 595 Quasistatic CV Meter
  • 2 HP 4284A LCR meter

Variable Temperature Probe Station

Variable Temperature Probe
  • Janis Research Probe Station
  • Edwards EXT 70H Compound Molecular Pump
  • Edwards E2M1.5 Rotary Vacuum Pump
  • Edwards EXDC80 Turbomolecular Pump
  • Lakeshore 340 Temperature Controller

Low Noise Spectroscopy Station

  • 1 DC Battery Powered Source
  • 1 Yokogawa 765101-A-3/D Programmable DC Voltage/Current Source with Front Output Terminal and GPIB, 115/100 V AC, UL Standard
  • 1 Hewlett Packard 34401A Multimeter
  • 1 Pomona Shielded Housing for 100 K Resistors
  • 1 Stanford Research SR560 Low Noise Preamplifier
  • 1 Hewlett Packard (HP) 35665A Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA)
  • 8 Cascade Microtech DCP Coaxial Probes and Mount

Additional Equipment

  • 3-Micromanipulator Probe Stations & Faraday Cages
  • One altered station to accommodate through wafer interconnects
  • 24 Cascade Microtech DCM-Series MicroManipulators
  • Several Agilent 16495F Connector Plates
  • Agilent 81110A Pulse/Pattern Generator Unit (2 channels – frequency range up to 330MHz)*
  • Agilent Infiniium 54832D 1GHz 4 channel 4GSamples/s Mixed Signal Oscilloscope with Windows XP Interface
  • 2-Stanford Research SR830 DSP Lock-In Amplifiers
  • ANML Lab Equipment List

Access this facility

Interested users and collaborators may contact Prof. David Estrada to learn about accessing equipment and/or requesting samples.
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