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Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is a field of Civil Engineering dealing with engineering behavior of earth materials (soil, rocks, and water). Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental engineering deals with three phases of soil and rock, i.e., soil or rock solid phase, water phase, and air phase. Geotechnical Engineering uses the principles of soil and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface environment in order to characterize its physical and mechanical properties, and analyze, design, and construct earthworks and substructures.

Geoenvironmental engineering overlaps geotechnical and environmental engineering fields, dealing interactions between earth materials (soil and rocks) and a fourth phase such as chemicals. Geoenvironmental engineering concerns with the fate and transport as well as remediation of this additional phase (e.g., contaminants). Geoenvironmental engineering uses similar principles to investigate subsurface environment in order to characterize its physical, mechanical, chemical, and biological properties, and analyze, design, and construct substructures such as landfill and contaminant-containment facilities as well as soil and groundwater remediation.

Geotechnical / Geoenvironmental Engineering MS Curriculum

RequirementCourse # (Credits)Course Title
Research BasicsCE 597 (1)Research Methods
Choose 2 Out of 3 Courses
Theoretical/FundamentalCE 597 (3)Advanced Soil Mechanics
ExperimentalCE 597 (3)Experimental Soil Mechanics
NumericalCE 502 (3)Computational Methods
CE Electives (Choose 12-18 Credits)
CE 566 (3)Ground Improvement Design
CE 540 (3)Pavement Design and Evaluation
CE 552 (3)Structural Steel Design
CE 550 (3)Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 597 (3)Geoenvironmental Engineering
CE 542 (3)Microstructural Properties of Concrete
Non-CE Electives (Choose 0-6 Credits)
GEOPHYS 610 (3)Geophysical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
GEOS 551 (3)Principles of Soil Science
BIOL 515 (3) Applied and Environmental Microbiology
GEOG 560 (3)Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEO 522 (3)Data Analysis and Geostatistics
MATH 527 (3)Introduction to Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
ME 510 (3)Continuum Mechanics
ME 570 (3)Finite Element Methods