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Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering is a field of Civil Engineering dealing with the analysis, design, construction, performance monitoring, and optimization of transportation infrastructure. The field of transportation engineering can be broadly divided into two specific areas: (1) Transportation Systems, and (2) Transportation Facilities. Boise State offers a Transportation Systems area of focus.


Transportation Engineering MS Curriculum

RequirementCourse # (Credits)Course Title
Research BasicsCE 597 (1)Research Methods
Choose 2 Out of 3 Courses
Theoretical/FundamentalCE 570 (3)Highway Systems Design
ExperimentalCE 597 (2)Non-Destructive Testing Methods
NumericalCE 502 (3)Computational Methods
CE Electives (Choose 12-18 Credits)
CE 572 (3)Transportation Planning
CE 575 (3)Traffic Systems Design
CE 552 (3)Structural Steel Design
CE 550 (3)Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 597 (3)Geoenvironmental Engineering
CE 542 (3)Microstructural Properties of Concrete
Non-CE Electives (Choose 0-6 Credits)
GEOPHYS 610 (3)Geophysical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
GEOG 560 (3)Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEO 522 (3)Data Analysis and Geostatistics
MATH 527 (3)Introduction to Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
ME 510 (3)Continuum Mechanics
ME 570 (3)Finite Element Methods