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The College of Engineering is home to problem solvers, innovators, and inventors. We empower all to think critically and solve our world’s complex challenges to envision a better future through new approaches to research and service. Discover your home in the College of Engineering!

From Ideas To Impact

The College of Engineering is a great place to discover your passions as you embark on your higher education journey. With an unshakeable focus on learning, as a COEN student you’ll be a vital part of a diverse and innovative community. Our world class faculty and staff have the highest professional standards and integrity, allowing you the ability to create, thrive, and reflect during your time in the college.

Explore our degree programs, discover your passions in engineering, computer science, construction management, and cyber operations, and begin your journey toward solving our world’s complex challenges!

Let us help you

Find Support

Our student support teams are here to help you discover the true potential of what your degree in engineering, computer science or construction management can do for your future. Here you’ll discover information and advising to assist with course planning, career guidance, and your path to and beyond graduation. Let us help you make the most of your college experience!

Connect with your Advisor

Meet your amazing team of academic advisors who assist with course planning and directing you to academic resources.

Connect with the Micron Student Success Center

Let the Micron Student Success Center help you get connected to resources in leadership, career discovery, and student support.

Engineering & Innovation Community

The EIC is a living-learning community for those interested in technical disciplines. The focus of the EIC is on academic success with the primary activities centered on academic support.

Learn & Live


The Excellence in Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (EURECA) is a newly instituted graduation cord that seeks to recognize Boise State students who have demonstrated commitment to development as a researcher or in creative work while pursuing their undergraduate degree.

This recognition will be replacing COEN’s Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation (URSD) moving forward.

Learn more and apply