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Engineering Professional Fees

What are Engineering Professional Fees?

Engineering Professional Fees are a course fee equivalent charge per credit hour that helps the College of Engineering (COEN) continue its mission of creating an accessible environment with an “unshakeable focus on learning” by directly investing in improving and enhancing the overall student experience through high-quality education, hands-on learning experiences, and support resources.

Why does the college charge a professional fee?

Professional fees primarily aim to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities and resources to our COEN students. Professional fees allow the college to invest in adequate teaching equipment and software, student-driven competitions and programs, and provide further opportunities to prepare your growth for the modern workplace.

What courses have Engineering Professional Fees?

All COEN courses at the upper-division 300- and 400-level (ENGR, CE, ECE, MBE, and MSE) have a professional fee charge. The professional fee replaces any other fees. Students taking lower-division courses in these programs are responsible for any published course and/or lab fee. The Engineering Professional Fees also apply to upper-division level courses in Computer Science and Construction Management.

How will the money be spent?

The fees will be directly invested in the College of Engineering and its departments and programs. Below are the key areas where the professional fees will be allocated:

Enhance Facilities

We will invest in upgrading and maintaining our state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, experiential learning facilities, software, and testing equipment to ensure students have access to the latest technologies.

Expand Student Support

A portion of the fees will be allocated to increasing student support services in the Micron Student Success Center, including career discovery support, support for student clubs, and to help students gain leadership experiences that will help them stand out in their future careers. The fees will also support additional learning assistance to help them excel in their studies.

Innovative Programs

We are working with COEN Ambassadors and student leaders to continually update and add programs that enrich their academic journey, foster innovation, and provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences.