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United Way of Treasure Valley

United Way of Treasure Valley Logo

Boise State University is proud to hold a partnership with United Way of Treasure Valley (UWTV). Partnership provides a thoughtful approach to reaching students and increasing access to higher education. Together, Boise State’s Community Impact Program (CIP) and UWTV will see their combined missions elevated — empowering communities and students to initiate their own positive change.

UWTV has served as a national example of positive community partnerships since 2002 and will continue to do so in partnership with the CIP and the Division of Extended Studies. Outcomes will expand UWTV’s education mission and improve adult education attainment rates in Idaho.

Extended Studies serves community members from adolescence through retirement, encouraging generational impact on families. The result of partnering with UWTV will be an authentic effort to help improve the social and economic vitality of partner communities.

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