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Welcome to a new generation in concurrent enrollment opportunities.

About Concurrent Enrollment

Since 1998, Boise State has been working to build the premier concurrent enrollment program in the state of Idaho. Our focus is to provide students with rigorous academic courses taught by highly qualified high school instructors, all in a familiar high school environment.

A True College Experience

Through the Boise State Concurrent Enrollment Program, high school students can earn Boise State University and high school credit simultaneously for collegiate-level courses offered at their high school. Concurrent Enrollment instructors use Boise State curriculum, texts and grading scales. Textbooks, lab supplies and equipment are provided to high school classrooms to ensure the alignment of university curriculum with high school courses. This academic support helps create a true university educational experience.

Students become a member of Boise State’s student body and may access many campus resources when they enroll in the Concurrent Enrollment Program. As a student enrolled in a Boise State University concurrent enrollment class, they work toward an actual letter grade which is recorded on a Boise State transcript. Credits are transferable to most other accredited colleges and universities across the United States.

By taking advantage of the Concurrent Enrollment Program, Idaho students will gain access to university courses, build confidence in their academic ability to do university course work and gain an early start on a college career, all while still in high school.

Idaho Dual Credit Program

The Idaho Legislature established the Dual Credit Program to provide a seamless way for high school students to get an affordable head start on their college career. For more information about the Idaho Dual Credit Program and the institutions involved, view the Idaho State Board of Education Dual Credit brochure.


Boise State’s Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) is accredited through the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). NACEP works to ensure that college courses offered by high school instructors are as rigorous as courses offered on college campuses, such as Boise State, and that all postsecondary concurrent enrollment programs adhere to high standards. NACEP works alongside Boise State to provide the highest standards so students experience a seamless transition to college and instructors benefit from meaningful, ongoing professional development. The Boise State CEP strictly adheres to NACEP policies and procedures.