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Join us in offering this exciting opportunity to Idaho students!

Become a Concurrent Enrollment Instructor

Concurrent enrollment opportunities are in high demand.

The Concurrent Enrollment program at Boise State University invites applications from qualified high school instructors to teach university-level courses at their high schools. As adjunct faculty with Boise State, instructors will have the opportunity to teach collegiate-level courses and support students in getting a head start on their college degree. Partnering instructors fully implement the University curriculum and follow University policies in regards to learning outcomes and student assessment.

An annual stipend for the high school teacher and University department liaison will be provided. The honorarium is meant to cover the additional duties added onto the instructors overall workload. For the Boise School District, West Ada School District, Cole Valley Christian High School and Nampa Christian High School, the stipend goes toward classroom support and professional development opportunities, paid through the school or district. All other school districts allow the stipend to be paid directly to the Concurrent Enrollment instructor.

Instructor Qualifications

The qualifications to teach concurrent enrollment courses vary by the academic department and a master’s degree in the field or related field is typically preferred. However, for some courses such as those available in the world languages, a bachelor’s degree with teaching experience is sufficient.

Learn more about Instructor Qualifications

Application Process

A Concurrent Enrollment staff member will schedule an initial meeting with interested applicants to share program philosophy, provide a sample course syllabus and provide general program information. While the Concurrent Enrollment staff will provide administrative support, the final approval comes from the respective Boise State University academic departments.

New instructors may apply at any time, as the review of applicants and their course syllabus is done on an on-going basis. The new instructor review process may take anywhere from two weeks to three months depending on the time of year that an application is received. It is recommended that materials be submitted at least one semester before the class is planned to be offered, preferably in early spring or mid-August of each year.

For Math 160, 170, 175, 189, and 254 Instructors:

The approval for math courses requires classroom observation to be scheduled as part of the review process. Math instructor applications must be submitted by mid-March of each year or sooner for consideration to teach the following fall. The first year that a math class is approved is considered a pilot year. Strong support by the Math Department will be provided to ensure success and continued approval.

Required Materials

The following materials must be submitted in the application to become a Boise State University Concurrent Enrollment Instructor:

    • Letter of introduction – Please note the class you want to teach, your teaching experience, and teaching philosophy.
    • Current Résumé
    • Transcripts – Unofficial copies are acceptable.
    • Course syllabus – A sample Boise State syllabus for the class will be provided for you to use as a template.
    • A letter of support from a school administrator – The letter should state support for you as the instructor of the concurrent enrollment course, and his/her commitment to inform parents and students about the concurrent enrollment/dual credit opportunity. Address administrative support for applicant to attend professional development training and/or department meetings with faculty liaison.
    • For math instructors: Sample tests from the beginning, middle, and end of the school year from a low, middle, and high scoring student. Blank tests may also be submitted.


    Materials may be sent by email or hard copy to a Concurrent Enrollment staff member that the applicant is working with: Concurrent Enrollment Program, Division of Extended Studies, 220 E. Parkcenter Blvd., Boise ID, 83706-3940.

Resources for Prospective Concurrent Enrollment Instructors