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Addressing Non-Compliance Concerns

Instructor Compliance

In an effort to meet compliance standards, instructors are required to use the Boise State course syllabi, textbooks, curriculum, and grading scales. Instructors must demonstrate college professionalism in classroom management and rigor.

Annual Responsibilities

Instructors must complete the following responsibilities annually:

  • Provide a current course syllabus to the Concurrent Enrollment (CE) program for each class offered. The syllabus must align with the syllabus from the course offered on campus.
  • Attend annual professional development provided by their academic department in partnership with the designated Faculty Liaison.
  • Facilitate student course evaluations for year-long and semester classes.
  • Work with the designated Faculty Liaison to schedule classroom observation visits.

All of these requirements are meant to ensure the quality of classes offered by the CE program. If the above requirements are not met, the Faculty Liaison or CE program director will take the necessary steps outlined below to ensure the instructor is in compliance. If the instructor does not make an effort to correct the issue(s), the instructor will no longer be approved to teach for the CE program.

As additional situations arise, procedures will be revised to address concerns. The intent of these procedures is to encourage all parties to address concerns in a collaborative manner. When changes must be implemented due to non-compliance, the Boise State CE program will provide as much lead time as possible to ensure the least disruption in the high school schedules.

Resolving Quality Concerns

Failing CEP Standards

In the case of an instructor failing to meet the CEP standards, the following steps will be taken:

1. The designated Faculty Liaison or CEP director will outline concerns with the instructor and set a reasonable time for the instructor to address concerns and come into compliance. All communication should include the CEP director to document actions being taken by both parties.

2. If concerns are not corrected within a reasonable time (i.e., one semester) the Faculty Liaison will inform the CEP director of the concerns regarding the instructor so that he/she can contact the high school and/or school district administrator.

3. If the above steps do not correct compliance concerns, the CEP director and Faculty Liaison will co-write a letter to the instructor and/or school district administrator identifying specific items of non-compliance and concerns.

Resolving Quality Concerns

Letter Documentation

The letter documenting the non-compliance issues will contain the following key points:

  • Include a specific date by which the non-compliance items need to be addressed or corrected.
  • Include the consequences of not correcting non-compliance items by the above date.
  • Include a place for dated signatures of the instructor, Faculty Liaison and CEP Director.
  • Request that follow-up discussions are held with the appropriate parties on the non-compliance items

Once the letter has been sent, the Faculty Liaison or CEP director will follow-up with the instructor to see if he/she has addressed and corrected the issues included in the letter before the stated deadline. Future course proposals may be denied if the non-compliance items addressed in the letter are not corrected.

Procedure to Discontinue a Concurrent Enrollment Course

The partnerships between Boise State University and school districts require collaboration before a CE program course is discontinued. Changing or discontinuing a course that is offered for concurrent enrollment impacts our partners in public education. However, a CE program course may be discontinued for the following reasons:

  • I. Curriculum changes within Boise State courses or programs.
  • II. Changes in credential requirements for high school instructors.
  • III. Concerns over the quality of instruction or rigor in the concurrent enrollment class.

See more detail about course cancelation by clicking through the tabs below.


Instructors who are absent from the CE class for more than five consecutive teaching days and need a substitute must notify the CE program and their Faculty Liaison. When a substitute is hired, he/she must have equivalent qualifications and department approval for long term instruction. If a long term substitute with equivalent qualifications is not found, the concurrent enrollment class will be canceled.

Non-Compliance Policy Accreditation Standards

The Boise State Non-Compliance Policy is meant to provide guidelines for both concurrent enrollment instructors and Faculty Liaisons to address issues of program non-compliance. The policy is aligned with the following NACEP Accreditation Standards:

  • Faculty 4 (F4): The CEP ensures instructors are informed of and adhere to program policies and procedures.
  • Curriculum 2 (C2): The college/university ensures the concurrent enrollment courses reflect the learning objectives, and the pedagogical, theoretical and philosophical orientation of the respective college/university discipline.