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Approval, Orientation and Accreditation Standards

Approving & Orienting New Instructors

Applicants for Concurrent Enrollment program (CEP) instructor positions must meet the same qualifications as an adjunct instructor teaching the course on campus. After reviewing the qualifications to teach a course, potential instructors should express their interest in working with the CEP by submitting application materials to a staff member. The CEP will forward applications to the appropriate department to initiate the approval process.

Faculty Liaisons review and approve new applications submitted by instructors who want to teach a concurrent enrollment class. They then orient the new instructors to the course to ensure each class reflects the University and academic department’s pedagogical, theoretical and philosophical orientation.

New Instructor Approval

Faculty Liaisons review the prospective instructor’s application materials. If the instructor and course meet the qualifications of the CEP, and the specific course, the Faculty Liaison schedules a one-on-one meeting with the applicant to review their qualifications (in person or via phone/video conference). For science classes with a lab, the meeting needs to be in the classroom in which the class will be taught to review proper lab set-up; other disciplines may also require a classroom visit prior to approval.

Upon review of the applicant’s materials and completion of the initial meeting the Faculty Liaison will notify the CEP of the approval/denial of the application, using the New Instructor Approval Form (pdf). A $750 stipend is provided for all instructor reviews regardless of the outcome.

Orientation for New Instructors

After the teaching application has been approved, the Faculty Liaison will meet with the instructor to orient them to the course. Faculty Liaisons will document how they orient new instructors to the university’s and academic department’s pedagogical, theoretical and philosophical teachings, including:

  • Provide orientation on course curriculum, assessment criteria and course philosophy to the instructor.
  • Supply instructors with desk copies of current textbooks when requested.
  • Assist instructors/school districts in selecting department approved textbooks.
  • Provide instructors with current sample syllabi, sample exams and other course materials on an annual basis.

Both the Faculty Liaison and the applicant are required to confirm that all steps of the orientation process have been conducted and that the applicant has the materials necessary to teach the course in alignment with the university course. This confirmation is documented in the New Instructor Orientation Form (pdf), which is signed by both the Faculty Liaison and the instructor, and returned to the CEP.

New Instructor Accreditation Standards

The processes and practices of approving and orienting new concurrent enrollment instructors at Boise State are aligned with the following NACEP Accreditation Standards:

  • Faculty 1 (F1): All concurrent enrollment instructors are approved by the appropriate college/university academic leadership and must meet the minimum qualifications for instructors teaching the course on campus.
  • Faculty 2 (F2): Faculty Liaisons at the college/university provide all new concurrent enrollment instructors with course-specific training in course philosophy, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment prior to the instructor teaching the course.
  • Faculty 4 (F4): The CEP ensures instructors are informed of and adhere to program policies and procedures.
  • Assessment 1 (A1): The college/university ensures concurrent enrollment students’ proficiency of learning outcomes is measured using comparable grading standards and assessment methods to on campus sections.