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Advising, Credit Transfer, and Degree Application

High school students can earn college credit in many ways. It is important to consider options carefully to make sure the high school to college transition goes smoothly.

Advising for Concurrent Enrollment Students

As a Concurrent Enrollment student, we want to make sure you have the most accurate information on your courses, credits, and how your enrollment affects your future academic plans.

Boise State offers individual advising sessions to all student/parents on selecting and registering for courses, applying for state funding, transferring credits, and understanding how concurrent enrollment courses will apply to a college degree.

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Degree Application

It is also important to understand how courses will apply to the degree (or degrees) that you are interested in. A course may transfer to your chosen college, but it may or may not fulfill degree requirements for the major you choose.

Start by exploring the website of the college you plan to attend and find the course requirements for the degrees offered there. Use transfer guides to understand how the concurrent enrollment classes you take in high school transfer AND apply to your intended degree.

If you are not sure what degree you would like to pursue, check out these Boise State resources to begin the process.

Boise State Major Exploration

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Choosing the Right Courses

Options You May Consider

Credit Transfer

Dual credit courses are accepted by all Idaho institutions of higher education and most accredited institutions outside the state. Idaho’s colleges/universities are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the institution of their choice regarding the transferability of credits earned.

To learn how to transfer credits into Boise State from other institutions, visit the Boise State Admissions website.

If you plan to attend Boise State, visit our Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to determine how your college credits from other institutions will transfer to Boise State. The TES will also show you how your Boise State credits will transfer to other institutions in and out of state. If you do not see the school or course you are looking for, please contact the Registrar’s Office to check if the course will transfer.

If you plan to attend an Idaho public postsecondary institution, you can also visit the Idaho CourseTransfer website to see how your courses will transfer.

For more information on transfer credit equivalency and transfer credit basics, visit the Transfer Credit Basics page at the Boise State Registrar’s website.

Visit these helpful websites to learn more about course transfer:

Impact on Future Federal Financial Aid

Concurrent Enrollment students do not qualify for financial aid. To qualify for federal grants and loans, students must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Taking Concurrent Enrollment courses may have an impact on your future Federal Financial aid depending on a variety of factors, including failing and withdrawing from courses and number of credits taken. 

We highly encourage you to speak with an Academic Advisor about the impact of taking Concurrent Enrollment courses.

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Review Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (also known as the Buckley Amendment or FERPA) is a federal law that limits the amount of information that can be released about students without their specific written permission.

If a parent or guardian would like access to their concurrent enrollment student’s account including financial records, academic records, or admission records, the student must give their written consent.

This consent may be given when students initially set up their DualEnroll account and register for a Boise State concurrent enrollment course.  If a student does not provide FERPA release or would like to remove, change or add an individual they can complete the Release of Information form found on the Boise State Registrar’s website.