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Conflict Support Services

We strive to prepare students for addressing conflict by utilizing clear communication, self-reflection, empathy and resolution tools; we approach conflict as an opportunity for personal growth and to strengthen connections.

About Us

Conflict Support Services provides a space for students to talk freely and openly about their needs, interests, opinions, and points of view while addressing mutual concerns.

Conflict is normal and arises in many different settings, often negatively impacting relationships, friendships, and opportunities. No conflict is too small or too big; if there is something you are dealing with we would be happy to help you ourselves or by directing you to another resource.

Feeling hesitant to reach out?

You don’t have to navigate conflict alone, Conflict Support Services is happy to help! Connect with us at

We are not a 24/7 operation – should you find yourself in an emergency, please contact Public Safety at (208) 426-6911.

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