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Idaho Building Capacity Project

Logo for the Idaho Building Capacity Project

About Us

The Idaho Building Capacity Project (IBC) partners with school & district leadership to create sustainable, collaborative, data driven systems that promote student achievement.

Through collective efficacy–the shared belief that school teams can have a positive impact on student success–IBC centers on these Five Foundations:

  • Leadership
  • A Safe & Supportive Learning Environment
  • Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
  • Focused Professional Development
  • Family & Community Engagement

IBC is sponsored and directed by the Idaho State Department of Education.

Services are designed and delivered in partnership with regional school improvement centers at Boise State University, Idaho State University and the University of Idaho.

Our Vision

The four goals of IBC are: 1) high student achievement; 2) continuous school improvement; 3) building leadership capacity; and 4) sustainability.

IBC supports schools and districts to continuously increase student achievement. We believe that educators and community members have the capability to address the issues affecting the performance of their students; the Capacity Builder’s role is to support the self-directed learning of educators through effective coaching strategies that facilitate change. It is essential to use multiple sources of data to inform our coaching. The Capacity Builder’s role is to support the understanding and application of student data by educators in order to facilitate root cause analysis and precision goal setting. Our role is to be well-informed regarding the most current effective models of leadership and instructional practices and to share and model these practices with the educators we serve