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Intervention Specialist

Are you passionate about working with individuals with disabilities? Do you prefer to work one-to-one with students? Are you looking for a meaningful career that includes working in homes and community placements?

The Intervention Specialist undergraduate certificate prepares students to work directly with individuals with disabilities in a variety of settings including the home and community. Once students have completed this certificate they will have met the state Medicaid requirements to work as an Intervention Specialist through Health and Welfare. Supervised hours required for this position can be completed with a designated agency once coursework is complete. Students who either complete the Intervention Specialist Certificate and have a degree in a human services field OR complete the Intervention Specialist Certificate and have a bachelor’s degree in any field will complete the certificate coursework requirements to work for a developmental disability agency as an ages 3-17 Intervention Specialist.

Department Name: Department of Early and Special Education

Official Certificate Name: Intervention Specialist Certificate

Certificate Type: Undergraduate Certificate

Scholarship available for students with ECE background

What can I do with this certificate?

Intervention Specialists teach adaptive skills and support the development of pro-social behaviors for people with disabilities. Interventionists work in the home and community setting focused on individual client goals including communication, social skills, self-management, self-help, and independence. In order to become a Intervention Specialist, students will need a minimum of one year supervised experience working with children with developmental disabilities, typically provided by the hiring agency.

Certificate Requirements and Advising Resources