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GC, Bilingual Education, K-12

100% Online Program

The Graduate Certificate, Bilingual Education, K-12 prepares you to teach all subjects in both Spanish and English, while simultaneously helping children develop as bilingual speakers. The certificate examines multiple points of view, theories and practical applications to help educators create learning environments designed to educate a widely diverse student population. The program features student-centered knowledge construction through applied learning projects and includes a capstone course. Applicants must be fluent speakers of both languages.

Department Name: Department of Literacy, Language and Culture

Official Degree Name: Graduate Certificate, Bilingual Education, K-12

Degree Type: Graduate Certificate

The courses in the program are all structured in terms of learning outcomes, and students will be assisted in achieving those outcomes through active, performance-based pedagogical strategies.

  1. Learning is a constructive/developmental process.
  2. The acquisition through application of content knowledge is essential.
  3. Teaching is a collegial act and requires collaboration.
  4. Education is essentially democratic, ergo political act.
  5. Providing Spanish language competence.


What can I do with this certificate?

To be a bilingual teacher is to be prepared to teach all content area subjects in two languages, Spanish and English, and to teach them in the context of both the Latino and Anglo cultures. Bilingual teachers must be fluent in Spanish and English.

All Bilingual coursework is aligned with the following TESOL standards: Culture, Language, Planning, and professionalism and with CAEP and State teacher endorsement and certificate requirements.

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