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Graduate Certificate in Literacy Partnership

100% Online Program option available

The Graduate Certificate in Literacy Partnership is for anyone wanting to support children and youth of all ages learning to read and write. The certificate is designed for those with diverse backgrounds – everyone from parents, to para-educators, to librarians will benefit from this program. No special expertise or background is needed to pursue the certificate, just an interest in learning how to teach and support those who are developing their literacy skills and attitudes.

The Graduate Certificate in Literacy Partnership program can be completed 100% online or with face-to-face options. Students have the ability to build a program that best suits their learning preferences and schedules by selecting online or face-to-face classes.

Department: Department of Literacy, Language and Culture

Official Certificate Name: Graduate Certificate in Literacy Partnership

Certificate Type: Graduate Certificate

What can I do with this certificate?

You can become a better teacher and advocate for students of all ages who are developing their reading and writing skills and attitudes. Earning this certificate will provide a strong foundation of knowledge about how students of all ages learn to read and write and continue developing their literacy skills throughout their school years.

Certificate Requirements and Advising Resources

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