Environmental Seismology Laboratory

Welcome to the Environmental Seismology Lab at Boise State University. We study all aspects of seismology with a special emphasis on seismology as it pertains to the part of Earth near humans — the near surface. We are interested in projects ranging from seismic monitoring and imaging to general wave propagation phenomena.

Students interested in joining my research group should check the Boise State Graduate College website first to learn about college-wide admission requirements. If you are interested, please feel free to use the Contact Us page. Your message should include: (1) a brief statement about what you would like to study and why, (2) a brief statement about your relevant work and/or research experience, and (3) a brief statement about why you think my research group might be a good fit for you. An excellent post on writing a message to a potential supervisor can be found here. I will not reply to messages that are not pertinent to my research or are not professionally written and phrased.

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