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Anthropology (ANTH) Courses

ANTH 501 ADAPTATION AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR (3-0-3)(F). Theories and methods used to address questions related to the proximate (structure of adaptations) and ultimate (adaptive significance) causes of human behavior. Processes occurring on generational and evolutionary time scales with emphasis on procurement, mating, parenting, social exchange and distribution, demographic transition, human universals, and cultural diversity.

ANTH 502 HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT (3-0-3)(F). Theories and methods used to address questions related to the ontogenetic (developmental) and phylogenetic (evolutionary) history of humans. Evolutionary time scales with an emphasis on variation within and between human populations and other primates over time, and the interaction of human populations to environmental stress.

ANTH 503 HISTORY AND THEORY IN ANTHROPOLOGY (3-0-3)(F). A reading-intensive survey of history and theory in anthropology from classical times through the 20th century. A review of history and philosophy of science with emphasis upon innovations in 19th and 20th century theory relevant to current issues and debates.

ANTH 504 STATISTICAL METHODS IN ANTHROPOLOGY (3-0-3)(S). Concepts, methods and models used in analysis of anthropological data. Measures of correlation and central tendency, of probability and analysis of variance. Analysis of anthropological, archaeological and biological data sets. PREREQ: PERM/INST.

ANTH 513 RESEARCH DESIGN IN ANTHROPOLOGY (3-0-3)(S). Design a research project, write a proposal, and initiate search for funding. Familiarization with topics useful for developing career in anthropology, such as approaching funding institutions, publishers and employers, and participating in professional organizations.

ANTH 520 ADVANCED GEOARCHAEOLOGY AND QUATERNARY ENVIRONMENTS (3-0-3)(F/S)(Alternate years). Global to site-specific scale review and evaluation of lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic contexts focusing on the last three million years of human prehistory. Emphasis on integration of chronologic, biotic, geomorphic and isotopic evidence of environmental change on the human time-scale. PREREQ: PERM/INST.

ANTH 521 HUMAN PALEOECOLOGY OF NORTH AMERICA (3-0-3)(F/S)(Alternate years). Examines the application of physical and biotic evidence to evaluate changing environments and their relationship to prehistoric human populations. Focus is on past environmental change in western North America placed within continental-scale and global-scale contexts. PREREQ: PERM/INST.

ANTH 522 HUNTER-GATHERER ETHNOARCHAEOLOGY (3-0-3)(F/S)(Alternate years). Examination of variability in adaptations by modern hunter-gatherer populations emphasizing subsistence, mobility, and social organization. Focus is on examination of lithic technology, faunal analysis, and site structure as sources of archaeological interpretation.

ANTH 523 ADVANCED ARCHAEOLOGICAL FIELD METHODS (3-0-3)(SU). Emphasis upon developing research designs, decision-making, and in-field project management. Open to students with previous field experience and graduate work in archaeology. PREREQ: PERM/INST.

ANTH 524 INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (3-0-3)(S). Legal and regulatory functions of heritage management within federal and state agencies with a focus on public lands. Emphasizes resource and collections management, tribal consultation, public education, archaeological ethics, and the role of research in cultural resource management.

ANTH 530 ADVANCED TOPICS IN EVOLUTIONARY ANTHROPOLOGY (3-0-3)(F/S)(Alternate years). This course provides the theoretical foundation for testing evolutionary hypotheses about human cultural variation, human physiological adaptations and social behavior, and life-history evolution, marriage, reproduction, inheritance, and subsistence. The course provides a broad, empirical view of hominid-behavioral evolution and ecology. PREREQ: PERM/INST.

ANTH 531 ECONOMIC ANTHROPOLOGY (3-0-3)(F/S)(Alternate years). The comparative study of economic behavior in hunter-gatherer, tribal, and complex societies. The course examines subsistence strategies, craft production and specialization, and exchange, as well as theoretical debates surrounding the economic topic of transition.

ANTH 532 GAME THEORY AND HUMAN COOPERATION (3-0-3)(F/S)(Alternate years). Designed as an advanced introduction to the origins and development of human sociality from the perspective of game theory and evolutionary biology. This course will review and discuss classic and new papers from anthropology, biology, economics, political science, and psychology. Issues to be explored include widespread pro-social behavior among humans, living in small vs. large groups, rank and status, sexual division of labor, and obstacles to building cooperation and peace on a number of social scales.

ANTH 540 FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGN ANTHROPOLOGY (3-0-3)(F). Advanced introduction to anthropological contributions to design thinking, and the reciprocal impact of design thinking on the practice of anthropology. Exploration of the principles and practices of participatory design, interaction design, user-centered design, and behavior-centered design.

ANTH 541 ETHNOGRAPHY FOR USER EXPERIENCE RESEARCH (3-0-3)(S). Advanced introduction to the ethnographic tradition in anthropology, and its adaptation for applications outside academia. Special emphasis is given to the role of ethnography in user experience research, and the place of user experience in design thinking. Includes practical exercises and training in ethical practices.

ANTH 542 EMERGING DIGITAL CULTURES (3-0-3)(F/S/SU). Explores contemporary ethnographic studies of the cultural impact of emerging digital technologies on multiple dimensions of social life, from the future of work to shopping and leisure, from political life to private experience. Considers influences on design decisions, and how those decisions impact the human condition.

ANTH 570 ARCHAEOLOGY FIELD SCHOOL (1-20-6)(SU). Six weeks on-site field training in the archaeological techniques of site reconnaissance and excavation. Focus placed on the observation, recoding, and recovery of field data. Instruction includes preliminary laboratory processing and artifact analysis. Special fee required for room and board. PREREQ: ANTH 103 and PERM/INST.

ANTH 580 SELECTED TOPICS IN ANTHROPOLOGY (V-0-V)(F/S). Philosophical and theoretical issues in anthropology. Developments in methodology and technical advances in anthropological research. Seminar topics will vary.

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