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Grade Information

Boise State University’s Grading System

Boise State University uses a 4.0 grading scale. The table below lists the letter grades that instructors use to document their evaluation of your work and to document your academic status in the class. In addition, the table defines the meaning of each letter grade and specifies the number of quality points that correspond to each grade. Quality points are used to determine your grade-point average (GPA). The procedure for calculating your GPA is described in the How to Calculate Your Grade-Point Average (GPA) section.

Letter Grades

Letter GradeMeaningQuality Points per Credit HourUsed to Calculate GPA?
PPass: satisfactory work equivalent to C or higher; credits earned0No
(until changed to a letter grade)
WStudent withdrew from the course0No
AUDCourse was taken under audit status0No
UAUUnsatisfactory Audit: did not meet requirements set by instructor0No
IPIn-Progress: used for dissertation, portfolio, project, and thesis work in progress*0
(until changed to a letter grade)
CWStudent completely withdrew from all classes that semester0No
*Note: if a student voluntarily leaves a graduate program in good standing, any IP grades accumulated will be changed to a grade of W.

How to Calculate Your Grade-Point Average (GPA)

Boise State University calculates and documents three types of grade-point average (GPA):

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Semester (term) GPA
  • Boise State GPA

Each of the three types of GPA is calculated with the same formula:

Total quality points earned divided by GPA units attempted = GPA

In calculating your cumulative GPA, Boise State uses courses you have taken at the university in your current career and all courses you have transferred from other post-secondary institutions, but only if you received a final letter grade (A+ through F) in those transferred courses. During any semester you can be enrolled in one of two possible careers: undergraduate or graduate.

In calculating semester GPA, the formula uses only the quality points earned and GPA units attempted that semester. For Boise State GPA, the formula uses only quality points earned and GPA units attempted at Boise State in your current career.

All GPA calculations exclude credits for:

  • pass/fail courses in which you received a final grade of P (note: a grade of F will impact your GPA)
  • courses that you registered for, but later dropped from your schedule, even though the course may appear on your transcript with a final grade of W or CW
  • courses you took under audit status (AUD or UAU)
  • courses in which you received the grade of I, for incomplete; or IP, for in-progress (until the I or IP is changed to a letter grade)


Instructors can enter a grade of I—for incomplete—if both of the following conditions are present:

  • Your work has been satisfactory up to 80% of the semester.
  • Extenuating circumstances make it impossible for you to complete the course before the end of the semester.

To receive an incomplete, you and your instructor must agree to a contract stipulating the work you must do and the time in which it must be completed for you to receive a grade in the class. The terms of this contract are viewable on myBoiseState under your Student Center To Do List. The contract time varies as set by the instructor, but may not exceed one year. If no grade other than incomplete has been assigned one year after the original incomplete, a grade of F will automatically be assigned. The grade of F may not be changed without approval of the University Academic Appeals Committee. As long as you have an incomplete in a class, you may not re-enroll in the class during another semester. A grade of incomplete is excluded from GPA calculations until you receive a final grade in the course. You cannot graduate with a grade of I (incomplete) on your record.

You may not remove the incomplete from your transcript by re-enrolling in the course during another semester.

  • Courses repeated prior to Fall 1995 use a grade replacement policy. Only the most recent grade was used in calculating the cumulative GPA.
  • Courses repeated Fall 1995 through Summer 2001 used a grade averaging policy. Courses repeated will be averaged, using both grades in the calculation of the GPA.
  • Beginning Fall 2001 and on, courses repeated will use a grade replacement policy. Only the most recent grade will be used in calculation of the cumulative GPA.
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