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About Us

Boise State University provides access to graduate education that addresses the needs of our region, is meaningful in a global context, and is respected for its high quality. Learn more about Idaho’s largest graduate school.

About the Graduate College

The Graduate College at Boise State University provides institutional oversight for all graduate programs at the university. With 13 doctoral programs, 71 master’s programs, and 36 certificates established across the academic colleges and schools, over 900 graduate degrees and certificates are awarded each year. Programs span the breadth of graduate education, from certificate and master’s programs that prepare students for leadership roles in a wide variety of professional settings, to research-focused doctoral programs that develop the next generation of scholars.

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The Graduate College works closely with the Graduate Council, the deans and graduate faculty of the academic colleges and schools, university administration, and external accrediting organizations to ensure excellence in all aspects of the graduate experience. The scope of activities embraced by the Graduate College is broad, including identification and implementation of policies and procedures, recruitment and admission, strategic development of graduate initiatives and programs for student and faculty professional development, problem resolution for individual faculty members and graduate students, and participation in regional and national forums on graduate education.

Mental Health and Wellness Initiatives

Graduate student mental health and well-being has long been a focus at Boise State University. The GradWell initiative, implemented several years ago through a collaboration between the Graduate College and Counseling Services, provides mental wellness education, facilitates access to mental health resources, and fosters graduate student connections. GradWell also engages graduate faculty by providing them with methods to identify graduate students in distress and access to resources.

Promoting the critical role wellness plays in student success, the Council of Graduate Schools recently released the Statement of Principles and Commitments on Graduate Student Mental Health and Wellbeing. This framework for institutional action addresses campus-wide, collaborative approaches to protecting the wellbeing of master’s and doctoral students. The document helps to further identify the value of targeting graduate student wellness and the importance of striving for a university culture that embraces graduate student mental health and provides essential resources for the graduate community.