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Admission Processing: Discontinuation and Deferment

When an admission decision is made at Boise State University, the admitted applicant will receive an intent to enroll request from the Graduate College. Admitted applicants that respond by rejecting the intent to enroll will be discontinued in the enrollment management system, and will not have the opportunity to enroll in classes. Similarly, admitted applicants that fail to enroll in classes for the semester that they were admitted, regardless of their intent to enroll response, will be discontinued in the enrollment system.

Admitted applicants that intend to enroll but anticipate that they won’t be able to enroll for the admitted semester should request a deferment from the graduate program that admitted them, and inform the Graduate College of that request. Deferment approval by the admitting program or the Graduate College is not guaranteed, and may not be made available by all graduate programs.

Admitted applicants that have been discontinued are administratively withdrawn from their courses and cannot register for classes until they are reinstated to the graduate program. Students who request reinstatement and are granted reinstatement to the program within 30 calendar days are not required to reapply to the Graduate College. After 30 days, students must submit a new online application and application fee. In all cases, reinstatement is not guaranteed.

An admitted graduate student that enrolls and completes graduate classes that count towards their admitted graduate degree but fails to re-enroll again within six (6) consecutive semesters (including summer) will be discontinued and will need to reapply to their graduate degree program. There is no guarantee that students that have been discontinued will be readmitted by the degree or certificate program to which they matriculated.

Admitted students that enroll in or complete coursework at Boise State University that is not part of their degree or certificate plan may be dismissed from the graduate program to which they were admitted.