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Request for an Exception to the Regionally Accredited Institution Requirement for Admission

An applicant who does not hold at least a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university may request an exception to this admission requirement.

Accessing the Application Exception Request form will prompt you to log into your Slate application.  If you have not submitted your application and paid the accompanying application fee, you will not have access to the Applicant Exception Request form. The procedure for submitting and reviewing a request is:

  1. An Applicant Exception Request form is submitted by the applicant to the Graduate Dean asking to be considered for admission. The request should include a letter from the applicant that provides (a) the name of the non-accredited institution, (b) the degree awarded and the date it was received, (c) the reasons why admission should be warranted in this situation, and (d) any additional information considered relevant. The applicant is encouraged to secure a letter of support from the program coordinator of the program they are applying to.
  2. The Graduate Dean reviews the request. If the Dean approves the request, the graduate application moves forward and is sent to the program for review. If the Dean does not approve the applicant’s request, their application is marked “ineligible for admission” and then denied.

Any questions over this process should be directed to or (208) 426-4723.