Graduate College Awards Ceremony

In April, the Graduate College presented $21, 250 in awards to graduate students and graduate faculty members at Boise State University. Graduate faculty were recognized for mentoring awards and graduate student award winners were recognized for high achievement in the Graduate Student Showcase and the Three Minute Thesis Competition. View all 2019 Graduate College Awards winners.

2020 Graduate Student Showcase

Date and Location

Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Time: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Location: Jordan Ballroom, Student Union Building


All graduate students at Boise State are eligible to participate. The Graduate Student Showcase is free and open to the campus community and the public.

Registration for the 2020 Graduate Student Showcase will open January 6, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is the Graduate Student Showcase?

The Graduate Student Showcase is a one day graduate conference at Boise State University that provides an opportunity for you as a graduate student to showcase your talents, connect with other graduate students, and enjoy the possibility of winning a cash award.

Am I eligible to participate?

If you are a graduate student at Boise State, you are eligible to participate! We encourage submissions that encompass all academic areas. For example, scholarly entries may be from your dissertation/thesis research, from a project that you are working on, or a project from a class.

I am in a fully online graduate program. Can I still participate?

We encourage graduate students in fully online programs to participate in the Graduate Student Showcase. To participate remotely, you will be required to provide a printed poster to be displayed during the Showcase. Your program will assist you with the printing of the posters. A time-slot will be assigned to you during one of the two sessions, in which you will answer judge and audience questions via a remote conferencing service. If you have access to campus, you are encouraged to present your work on campus. Online participants should still submit the proposal that is appropriate for their work. If you have any questions, please contact Scott Lowe at

Do I have to have my poster or artistic entry completed prior to signing up to participate in the Showcase?

No! The sign-up deadline is March 11, but you won’t need to have your poster printed (or ready) or your artistic entry completed until the morning of the event on April 8. When you submit your abstract you will need to provide your name, contact information, graduate degree program, submission title, and 100 word abstract.

Abstract: An abstract is a brief summary (a hard limit of 100 words will be enforced, so be concise) of your project that will be printed in the Graduate Student Showcase program.

Is there a limit to how many submissions I can enter? What if my poster is from a group project?

Yes, we ask that each student only submit one entry. For each poster there should only be one student presenter, however, each member of the group may create their own poster for the project and submit it to the Showcase individually. This submission will also require individual abstract and presenter contact information to be submitted upon signing up.

What if I have class during the times of the Graduate Student Showcase?

The expectation is that you will be at the Graduate Student Showcase during your assigned judging slot (either from 9:00 –10:30 am or 10:30 am – 12:00 pm for posters and visual arts; and from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm for the performing arts). We encourage you to contact your instructor and let them know that you are participating in this campus-wide graduate student Showcase. You will need to discuss this directly with your instructor in order to determine if participation is feasible.

How will my poster or artistic entry be judged?

Faculty judges will be randomly assigned to each entry, with the faculty being drawn from outside of the College or School of the student that submitted the work. Each entry will be judged by at least two judges, although depending on the number of judges present, additional judging may be done. The judges will utilize a common rubric for each poster, or a common rubric for each artistic entry, past examples of which can be found here: Showcase-Rubric. When the judging is completed, a z score will be calculated for each entry – we will calculate the judge-specific average and standard deviation measured across all entries that the judge provided scores for. For each individual entry, the judge’s average score (measured across all scores that the judge submits,) will be subtracted from the individual score, and that total will be divided by the standard deviation of the judge’s submitted scores. The average z score, measured for each entry, across the 2+ judges that judged that entry, will be calculated in order to determine the winners.

The Graduate College will not reveal the voting outcomes or provide individual feedback on poster or artistic entries, although we will list the winners in each category on our webpage prior to the Awards Ceremony. For feedback on your individual entry, we encourage you to meet with your advisor, committee members, and/or other faculty members in your program.

Poster Submissions

What does a poster or visual/performing arts proposal submission look like?

A project submission should include the author’s name, contact information, graduate degree program, submission title, and abstract. Abstract: An abstract is a brief summary (limit 100 words) of your project that will be printed in the Graduate Student Showcase program.

What does a scholarly poster look like?

First time making a poster? Need help getting started on a poster? Need a refresher course? No problem! The NYU Library website provides information about how to make and present a poster, including templates and design recommendations.

Here’s some other important information specifically about making posters for the Graduate Student Showcase: (1) Although the link provided above discusses research posters, the Graduate Student Showcase will incorporate posters that cover a variety of topics (e.g., theory, project proposals, etc.) and areas of expertise. Any student in any area of study can sign up to present a poster! (2) What needs to be included on the poster? Poster content may vary – you can take a look at examples of prior rubrics that have been used to judge Showcase entries to see what the judges will be basing their scores on.

Please click here to learn more about creating a scholarly poster.

What are the dimensions for the posters?

We recommend 48″ x 36” for the poster dimensions due to the size of the easel and backerboard that will be provided at the Showcase, but if you have a larger-format poster, you may still present it. However, you should work with your major advisor or program coordinator to find a backerboard that will support a larger poster.

Where can I print my poster?

First and foremost, plan to print your poster before the week of the event. Printers/plotters break, particularly given the large number of posters that students will print, so don’t be left out of the Showcase because of a printing problem.

Second, talk to your major advisor or program coordinator/chair – they have been in contact with the Graduate College and will have printing options and alternatives for you. There are both public and private printing opportunities – many departments and programs have plotters that can print large-format posters, the Albertsons Library operates a large-format printer, Broncoprint can print posters, and for-profit units like Kinkos also offer printing options.

Will there be electric outlets for my work?

Electrical outlets will be available as needed for the performing arts.

At the Showcase, how will I display my work?

The materials vary based on the type of submission:

For posters, an easel, backerboard, clips and space to display your poster will be provided and ready for you when you arrive between 8am and 9am to set up. Handouts, or additional information that you want to provide, are optional.

For the Visual Arts, lighting and a wall or space for displaying your work will be provided in the SUB Gallery. The director of the SUB Gallery will be in touch with you well in advance of the Showcase.

For the Performing Arts, a podium/stage will be provided, as will a predetermined performance time. When you submit your abstract/contact information and indicate that you will be presenting a Visual or Performance Art piece, the Graduate College will contact you with additional information. Please arrange to bring any other materials on your own.