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How to Submit Official Transcripts

Most transcripts can be requested by contacting the Registrar’s office of your previous universities.

Boise State would like all transcripts from every higher educational institution you have previously attended.  Transcripts can be sent in a variety of ways and formats.

Electronic transcripts are considered “official” when received and accessed from a secure site (i.e. Clearinghouse, Parchment, etc.) that is properly linked to the sending institution. Paper transcripts are considered “official” when they arrive in a sealed and stamped envelope with all security features intact.

Transcripts that are received in any other condition, such as transcripts that arrive in an unsealed envelope or are emailed or uploaded by the student, are not considered official.

Quick Transcript Questions

A table displaying what kind of transcripts can and can not be sent to Boise State University.

Note: Most programs do not accept unofficial transcripts.
I haven't finished my degree, do I still need to send the transcript?yes
Can I submit an unofficial transcript?*no
Can I submit a transcript that is not in English?no
Can I submit an 'In-Progress' transcript?yes
Do I need to request my Boise State transcript?no
I have an unopened, sealed, official transcript, can I send it to Boise State?yes

Submitting Transcripts


Institutions may send official transcripts to:
Boise State University
Graduate College
Riverfront Hall, Room 307
1910 University Dr.
Boise, ID  83725-1110


Official transcripts may be submitted as a secure PDF through an approved transcript services provider to

Approved Transcript Services:

  • Credentials eScript-Safe (formerly known as Script-Safe International)
  • Credential Solutions TranscriptsNetwork and Transcripts Plus
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Parchment Exchange (formerly known as Docufide and Avow Systems)


An institution may fax your transcript to 208-426-2789. To be considered official, a faxed transcript must:

  1. Be sent directly to the Graduate College from the institution
  2. Be considered an official transcript. It cannot be stamped as Unofficial or Student Copy
  3. Have a fax header line showing the institution name, fax number, date and time of transmission, and the number of pages.
  4. Be accompanied by a cover sheet that shows All of the following:
  • Current Date
  • Name of the institution sending the fax
  • Sender’s name, fax number and phone number
  • Your name
  • Your Boise State Student ID number or the last four digits of your social security number
  • Description of the document being faxed (Official Transcript)
  • Number of Pages

At this time, Boise State University cannot accept transcripts faxed from outside the United States as official.


You may upload unofficial transcripts for each domestic U.S. institution that you attended. Failure to list ALL colleges attended will delay the processing of your application and admission to your program.:

  • If your degree(s) has been awarded, the uploaded transcript should reflect the degree(s) conferred and conferral date(s).
  • Please consult the Find Your Degree Program page to find your proposed program for exact requirements. Some programs do initially require official transcripts. You may also contact your proposed program for additional questions.

Students will be required to submit official transcripts from any international institution:

  • If you attended an international institution and the academic credentials are not provided in English, a translation must accompany all documents.
  • For international institutions that do not print degree conferral information on transcripts, a separate certificate of degree or diploma should also be included.

For more information, please visit the International Admissions webpage regarding Official Transcripts and Marksheets.

Programs that Allow Unofficial Transcripts at the Time of Application