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Request for Catalog Year Update

Catalog Policy

In determining if you have met the requirements to graduate, the Registrar’s Office follows the requirements defined in a single edition of the Boise State University Graduate Catalog. A new Graduate Catalog is published each year. In some cases, requirements change from one edition to another. You may select any edition of the Graduate Catalog, provided that the Graduate Catalog was published and was in force for a semester in which you were enrolled at Boise State. If you wish to change your Graduate Catalog use this form.

Choice of Graduate Catalog

A student enrolled in a graduate degree or certificate program may choose to meet the requirements for that program as defined in any annual edition of the Boise State University Graduate Catalog in effect after the student is admitted to the program by the Graduate College. The program requirements so specified by the student will be used by the Graduate College to evaluate the Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) form (for a degree program) or the Proposed Plan of Study for a Graduate Certificate (PPSGC) form (for a certificate program), and by the Registrar’s Office for the final degree or certificate audit.

This form is for Graduate Students Only. Please request an update to your catalog year by completing this form.