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License Agreement

The Residence Hall, Suites, Townhomes, and Apartment and Meal Plan License Agreements are available for download:

License Agreements

View 2024-2025 On-Campus Housing (Residence Halls) and Meal Plan Agreement (pdf)

View 2023-2024 On-Campus Housing (Residence Halls) and Meal Plan Agreement (pdf)

Looking for the Apartment License Agreement? Find it on the Apartments website

Disclaimer: These bullet points do not replace the approved language in the License Agreement. This page is a guide to help you reference sections of the License Agreement you may have questions about.

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 License Agreement Overview

Assignment of Unit and Occupancy

Section 1

  • Assignment Process
  • Credit Requirement
  • Community Standards
  • Reassignments or Temporary Relocation
  • Educational Access Center (Accommodations)
  • Move-In
  • Move-Out
  • Occupancy over Breaks
  • Not Enrolled in Spring Semester Courses
  • Roommates
  • Damages

Rates and Payments

Section 2

  • Publishing Annual Rates
  • When Payments are Due
  • Student Fee Statements
  • Late Fees
  • Extended Due Dates
  • Failure to Make Payments
  • Additional Charges

Meal Plan Information

Section 3

  • First Year Required Meal Plan
  • Dining Services

Rules and Regulations; Health and Safety Guidelines

Section 4

  • COVID-19, Contagious Viruses, or Similar Public Health Crises
  • Testing

Personal Property and Fixtures and Appliances

Section 5

  • Removal of Fixtures, Appliances, or Furnishings

Animals in Residential Halls

Section 6

  • Approved Animals
  • Emotional Support Animals
  • Educational Access Center

Utilities & Services; Laundry; Cleaning

Section 6

  • Housekeeping Delegations

University or Owner Right of Entry

Section 8

  • Violations of HRL Policies
  • Health and Safety
  • Maintenance and Routine Inspections

Requirement to Vacate On-Campus Housing

Section 9

  • Agreement Expiration
  • Removal or Storage Fees
  • Improper Checkout Fees

Termination of Agreement by University or Owner

Section 10

  • University Canceling License Agreement
    • Failure to Make Payments
    • Violates Student Code of Conduct
    • Sanctions or Interim Sanctions
    • Misrepresentation of Information
    • Criminal Offenses
    • Failure to Move In
    • Abandonment of Unit
    • Perceived Threat
    • Intimidation or Harassment
    • Health or Safety Hazard
  • Termination Notices
  • Immediate Removal
  • Obligations and Liabilities
  • Cancellation Fees

Resident Request for Cancellation

Section 11

  • Qualifying Event
    • Medical Hardship
    • Military Leave
    • Study Abroad
    • Graduation
      • *Documentation is required*
  • Approved Request and Denied Request
  • Non Qualifying Event
    • Cancellation Fees
      • Canceled due to unenrollment from BSU: $500
      • Canceled due to non qualifying event: Half the remaining amount for housing


Section 12

  • Email Notifications
  • Written Communications

Limitations on Services

Section 13

  • Interruptions
    • Natural Events
    • Epidemic/ Pandemic
    • Limited Access to Resources
    • Maintenance Activities
  • Adjustments to Payments