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National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

Blue Gem Chapter

Who We Are

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) at Boise State University believes in the values of Service, Recognition, and Leadership. We are the “Blue Gem Chapter” affiliated with the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. We are a student-run organization that organizes service projects, creates recognition efforts, and provides leadership opportunities throughout the year. Some of these events have included our semi-annual “Roadside Cleanup” of a section of Boise Avenue, “Recognition Week”, and Of-the-Month (OTM) awarding.

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Of-The-Month (OTM) Awards

Know someone who has helped you in a tough situation? Want to thank them for “saving the day”? Was it a friend or a neighbor? A co-worker? Faculty or staff? What about an awesome program that you attended or planned that helped students connect, learn something, or make a difference?

OTMs are a great way to recognize individuals, groups, or events that have made an exceptional contribution to our campus community in a given month. OTMs are due on the 5th of each month.

To submit an OTM, go to NACURH Submit an OTM (account setup not necessary, just click on the link under “submit OTMs”). You will then write a 300-600 word essay on why your nomination should win an OTM for the given month. Your submission provides recognition on the campus, regional and national level. For assistance, questions, or more information about the chapter, please contact NRHH at

Meetings, Follow, and Members


The chapter holds two meetings a week. One for Exec and one for members. General Member meetings are open to Blue Gem Chapter members and interested students. We meet weekly to discuss chapter business, plan campus events, invite guests, and network together.

Fall 2022 Meetings

Details TBA in August 2022





Current members can link to our internal Google Site for more information about chapter operations

Blue Gem Google Site

NRHH Executive Board 2022-2023

  • Executive Board NRHH Blue Gem Chapter

    Katie Killmer


    Connect with me for NRHH questions/concerns
  • Executive Board NRHH Blue Gem Chapter

    Ashley Levin

    Vice President

    Connect with me for NRHH membership
  • Executive Board NRHH Blue Gem Chapter

    Jake McKeever

    Service Coordinator

    Connect with me for NRHH service events
  • Executive Board NRHH Blue Gem Chapter

    Declan Wirnowski

    Recognition Coordinator

    Connect with me for NRHH recognition opportunities
  • Executive Board NRHH Blue Gem Chapter


    Operations Coordinator

    Connect with me for NRHH logistics and operations