Residential Housing Association (RHA)


The Residential Housing Association (RHA) provides opportunities for you to have a rewarding experience living on campus and participate in leadership opportunities on the campus, regional, and national level. RHA advocates for students, facilitates involvement on campus, and represents students within the campus community.

Who We Are

RHA is a student-led organization comprised of students living in Boise State’s residential community. Whether you are a traditional, transfer, or international student, RHA strives to make your time living on campus memorable, enjoyable and supported. RHA supports the on-campus community by:

  • Representing them on issues that impact their residential and collegiate experience
  • Providing fun events for students to mix and mingle
  • Providing leadership opportunities to serve in various leadership roles

General Assembly (GA) meetings are held weekly for Hall Councils. Email us at for the time and location details.

Hall Council

Each of the residential communities’ on campus has a Hall Council. This group is made up of various current and future student leaders to create a community within the halls by planning fun and engaging events for residents to participate in. The councils also get to serve as a voice for their represented hall to present issues and concerns with RHA.

Being a part of Hall Council provides a tremendous opportunity for students living in the halls to engage and grow as leaders while also giving back and providing a service to the communities they live in. As a member, there are additional opportunities that open up throughout the year for continued development and involvement.

To become part of the team and participate in your Hall Council, contact your Resident Director for the meeting time and location or reach out to a student staff member in your building.

Executive Board

The RHA executive board meets weekly in order to plan programs and discuss current issues facing students. In addition, RHA facilitates the weekly RHA/Hall Council General Assembly Meeting in order to keep everyone up-to-date on campus life. Students who hold positions on the RHA Executive Board represent their peers and advocate for policy change and programmatic opportunities and must live on campus during their employment. To reach out to an RHA board member you can stop by the RHA Office Space located in the Taylor Pod 2nd floor, or email the team at

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