Apartment Rates

Academic Year Rates

The rates listed here are based on the full academic year, which begins in August and ends in May.

2019-2020 Apartment Rates

2019-2020 rates listed are estimates. Rates are subject to change until approved and finalized in May 2019.
ResidenceRoom TypeMonthly Rate Average Utility Cost*:
Average Utility Cost*:
Apr - Sept
University HeightsOne Bedroom$591.67$90/month$45/month
University HeightsTwo Bedroom
University ManorOne Bedroom$591.67$90/month$45/month
University ManorTwo Bedroom$641.67$120/month$50/month
University ParkTwo Bedroom$675.00$100/month$55/month
University ParkThree Bedroom$841.67$100/month$75/month
University VillageTwo Bedroom$779.17$60/month$60/month

* The monthly lease rates include cable TV in the living room, and internet.  Utilities (gas and power) are assessed in addition to the monthly lease rates based on resident’s usage and billed to the student’s account.

2018-2019 Apartment Rates

ResidenceRoom TypeMonthly RateUtility Flat Fee*
University HeightsOne Bedroom$576 $70
University HeightsTwo Bedroom
$623 $70
University ManorOne Bedroom$576 $70
University ManorTwo Bedroom$623 $70
University ParkTwo Bedroom$657 $70
University ParkThree Bedroom$816 $70
University VillageTwo Bedroom$758 $70