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Uwe Kaiser

Uwe Kaiser portrait

Office: MB 238-A
(208) 426-2653
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Uwe joined the mathematics department in 2001. He earned his degrees from the University of Siegen in Germany (diploma 1985, PhD 1989, habilitation 1995). He also earned the teaching certificate for Mathematics/Physics for NRW (Germany). He spent 1989/190 as NASA scholar at Brandeis University.

Uwe’s research interests are in Geometric topology. This asks and answers questions about immersions and embeddings in manifolds, in particular link theory in manifolds and in low dimensions studies geometric and quantum invariants. He is also interested in all aspects of Quantum Computing and Mathematical Physics.

Topology and algebra at Boise State University

Selected products

Selected courses taught

  • Math 275 Multivariable and Vector Calculus
  • Math 305 Introduction to Abstract Algebra and Number Theory
  • Math 411/511 Topology
  • Math 414/514 Real Analysis
  • Math 515 Real and Linear Analysis