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Zach Teitler

Zach Teitler portrait

Office: MB 233-A
(208) 426-1086

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Zach joined the mathematics department in 2010. Previously he earned an undergraduate degree at the University of California—Santa Barbara and a PhD from University of Michigan. He taught at Southeastern Louisiana University and was a visiting assistant professor at Texas A&M University before joining Boise State University.

Zach’s research is in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. He works primarily on Waring rank and generalized tensor ranks. Other research interests include multiplier ideals, arrangements of points, hyperplanes, and linear subspaces, and combinatorial aspects of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.

Topology and Algebra at Boise State University

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Selected courses taught

  • Math 187 Discrete and Foundational Math I
  • Math 275 Multivariable & Vector Calculus
  • Math 305 Introduction to Abstract Algebra and Number Theory
  • Math 405/505 Abstract Algebra and 506 Advanced Algebra
  • Math 414/514 Real Analysis and 515 Advanced Analysis