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Jaechoul Lee

Jaechoul Lee portrait

Office: MB 245-B
(208) 426-5630

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I am a professor of statistics in the Department of Mathematics at Boise State University. I received my PhD in Statistics from the University of Georgia. My main research interests are time series, extreme value analysis, and applied statistics. Specifically, I am interested in (1) theory and methods for time series analysis, (2) application of extreme value theory in climatology, (3) time-varying coefficient dynamic regression models, (4) algorithms and methods for large and big data, and (5) interdisciplinary research on range management and epidemiology.

Statistics at Boise State University

Selected products

  • Lee, M. and Lee, J. (2020) Trend and return level of extreme snow events in New York City. The American Statistician, 74, 282-293.
  • Lee, J., Lund, R., Woody, J., and Xu, Y. (2020) Trend assessment for daily snow depths with changepoint considerations. Environmetrics, 31, e2580.
  • Lee, J., Dini, A., and Negri, W. (2016) An efficient generalized least squares algorithm for periodic trended regression with autoregressive errors. Numerical Algorithms, 71, 59-75.
  • Lee, J., Li, S., and Lund, R. (2014) Trends in extreme U.S. temperatures. Journal of Climate, 27, 4209-4225.
  • Lee, J. and Lund, R. (2004) Revisiting simple linear regression with autocorrelated errors. Biometrika, 91, 240-245.

Selected courses taught

  • MATH 361 Probability & Statistics I
  • MATH 462/562 Probability & Statistics II
  • MATH 471/571 Data Analysis
  • MATH 572 Computational Statistics
  • MATH 573 – Time Series Analysis