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Graduate Studies

Graduate programs in the Department of Mathematics provide opportunities for advanced study, teaching and research experience, career development, and participation in a thriving scholarly community.

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M.S. in Mathematics Degree

The Master of Science in Mathematics degree includes emphasis options in applied mathematics, mathematics education, pure mathematics, and statistics.

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Ph.D. in Computing

Mathematics graduates are natural candidates for the transdisciplinary PhD in Computing program, which can include mathematics coursework and supervised research with mathematics faculty.

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MS in Cybersecurity

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity builds knowledge and skills of security specialists to effectively protect the safety and prosperity of companies, communities and the nation. The mission of the program is to engage students in an interdisciplinary approach on the security aspects of software, modern cryptographic systems, and security program management.

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Cryptology Security Analyst Graduate Certificate

Systems and data are constantly under attack, and cybersecurity professionals must  stay ahead of the game and deploy the latest tools and strategies to protect against these cyber threats. In the CSA Graduate Certificate Program you will gain a thorough technical knowledge of cryptography and cryptanalysis and gain hands-on experience needed in combating common cybersecurity threats.

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