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MLK Living Legacy Celebration

The MLK Living Legacy Committee is a student-run, student-led and student-funded organization that exists on the Boise State University campus to celebrate and reinvigorate the legacy of Dr. King’s message for students on the Boise State University campus.

The committee is headed by a student-chair that is identified by current members on an annual basis. The living legacy delegates are hired on an as-needed basis throughout the academic year by existing members.

The Vision of the MLK Living Legacy Committee and the LEGACY Corps is:
The Boise State community will INSPIRE students to organize and ACT on their own vision of social justice influenced by the LEGACY of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Mission of the MLK Living Legacy Committee and the LEGACY Corps is:
To evoke in students a passion for human rights by inviting outside experts to speak, perform, lead workshops and host seminars that integrate Dr. King’s example with the possibility of positive change while respecting the students’ unique individuality and beliefs.

The goals of the Martin Luther King Jr. Living Legacy Committee include:
To unite different communities by promoting a sense of belonging, and to demonstrate a commitment to action through service.


Each year the MLK Living Legacy Committee hosts an event on the nationally recognized MLK/Human Rights Holiday in January to celebrate the ongoing influence of the legacy of Dr. King. Since 2010 this event has been called the MLK Living Legacy Committee’s “Day of Greatness” march and rally which has been hosted in the Student Union Building to make posters and signs for display on the march between the Student Union Building and the state of Idaho capitol steps.

The MLK Living Legacy Committee also hosts a handful of events designed to invite students and the community into an ongoing conversation about the ever-evolving relevance of Dr. King’s ideas, principles and activism to our contemporary environment. This has historically included a keynote address hosted one week after the national holiday is recognized.

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Hundreds of people march to the Idaho State Capitol building every year on MLK day