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Najmeh Kamyabi

Najmeh Kamyabi presented her research, “Rockets and Feathers: The Speed of Price Adjustment to Cost Changes in the US Gasoline Market,” (with Benaissa Chidmi from Texas Tech University) at the Missouri Valley Economics Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, in October 2017.

Kamyabi took part in two sessions at the conference, International Economics II and Master’s Students I. She chaired the latter.

Kamyabi also presented her research in November as part of the Boise State University Department of Economics Lecture Series.

Kamyabi’s article used weekly crude oil and retail gasoline prices during the period from January 2008 to December 2015 to examine the hypothesis of asymmetric pricing for the gasoline market in the United States. Kamyabi found an asymmetric response in the gasoline market in eight out of nine cities. The adjustment speed, she found, varies for different types of gasoline (regular, premium) and in different cities.

Kamyabi received her Ph.D. in economics from Texas Tech University in 2017. Her research interests lie at the intersection of energy and environmental economics, industrial organization, and urban and regional economics. She is interested in how consumers respond to nonlinear and dynamic pricing, firm pricing strategy, spatial correlations and clustering, and policy implications in energy and environmental economics.