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New Boise State Grey Shuttle Route Begins Jan. 22

A new, updated Boise State grey shuttle route will begin Jan. 22 and is intended to provide faster and easier access from campus to the downtown area. The route will run 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday during the 2018 spring semester.

Complementing the current orange route, which runs in a clockwise pattern, the grey route will give users access to downtown via a counter-clockwise route. This route will provide fewer stops between campus and downtown, allowing for quicker access to the downtown area.

The grey route will support eight stops during its 15-minute cycle, providing crucial stops at Front Street and Avenue A (near Winco) and at Front Street and Grove Center (on the south side of City Center Plaza where the computer science building and Bronco Shop are located).

The orange route has a stop on the north side of the block at Main Street Station, while the new grey route will offer a stop at Front Street and Grove Center.

On-campus, six eastbound stops along University Drive will be located near Earle Street, Christway Drive, Joyce Street, Lincoln Avenue (near the Student Union Building and Rec Center), Manitou Avenue and Grant Avenue.

The Boise State Shuttle is free to all users and offers three routes: blue (on-campus), orange (downtown) and grey (reverse downtown).

For live updates on the shuttles, visit: