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Dance Marathon Honored with 2018 Luke Award

Boise State Dance Marathon recently was named a 2018 Luke Awards recipient. The Luke Award is awarded annually by St. Luke’s Health Foundation Children’s Advisory Board. The award recognizes individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital.

Out of hundreds of volunteers and businesses who raise awareness and funds for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital every year, Boise State Dance Marathon was selected as one of three recipients to be honored with the award.

Dance Marathon raises monetary support and awareness for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital through year-round events, which culminates in February during their main event where hundreds of individuals throughout campus and the community come together to stay on their feet for 17 hours straight.

Elizabeth Mabbutt, marketing chair for Dance Marathon, said that “being awarded the Luke Award is very humbling and such a great honor. Accepting this alongside such strong organizations and people of this community was nothing less than an inspiration, to keep moving forward with our passion and love for the kids.”

She went on to talk about how inspirational the awards dinner was, saying, “we were in a room beaming with passion and hope for the future, we were surrounded by dedication to philanthropy and big love for each and every generation to come.

“The Luke award is a visible reminder for each and every individual who has been a part of our fight, is still fighting with us or will fight alongside us in the future … something that recognizes the years of fundraising and passion within a group of students who will not surrender until we can dance alongside the future generation. This award is so much more than the tangible statue, it holds a unique and beautiful meaning to each one of us — something that is stronger than words can express, it is different for everyone as each of our experiences for this fight, are different.”

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