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Answering Data Questions with Pyramid Analytics

Accessing data and finding information is essential to daily operations and long-term evaluation of Boise State programs and services. Pyramid Analytics is a reporting tool that can be used to find answers to your data questions.

Training is available for beginning users who have little to no experience with Pyramid. After participating in the training, you should be able to: (1) apply key concepts regarding data to your work; (2) identify the best Pyramid report to begin with to answer data questions; (3) understand how to modify an existing report by changing or adding hierarchies, slicers and measures; and (4) understand how to share a report through exporting, printing and saving.

Sessions are scheduled for two hours, with the last 15 minutes set aside for individual questions. Space is limited so sign up early.

To participate in this training, you need to have: (1) completed FERPA training, and (2) access to Pyramid Analytics. Note that your supervisor will need to initiate the request; please allow at least a week for Pyramid-access to be granted.