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Seth Ashley and Deana Brown

Seth Ashley and Deana Brown were quoted in an article that appeared Jan. 18 in the Idaho Business Review. The article, “Instruction on critical thinking gains a foothold in academia,” gave Ashley and Brown the opportunity to share their expertise on the “fake news” phenomenon.

Ashley discussed a scale he has helped co-develop that can “measure people’s news media literacy.” Furthermore, he shared that, “Social media is partly to blame for readers’ confusion about what news is verifiable and what has been made up.”

Brown was interviewed to gain a librarian’s perspective and shared that, “It’s so easy to share information that isn’t accurate these days, especially in our clickbaity, 24-hour-news-cycle world, especially things that reinforce existing beliefs.”

Additionally, the article included relevant resources, including the Center for Media Literacy, the National Association for Media Literacy Education and a News Literacy site created by Brown and other Albertsons Library colleagues.