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Idaho Mandates Cybersecurity Training for All State Employees

Faculty and staff at Boise State University are being asked to join all state employees in Idaho to take a 45-minute, four-part online training in cybersecurity. All university employees are required to complete the training by March 30.

Gov. Butch Otter mandated the statewide training in an executive order issued last year after a cybersecurity task force outlined how Idaho could best protect itself against vulnerabilities. The state’s Division of Human Resources started sending emails outlining the specifics of the employee training on Feb. 8.

Boise State and its employees have been targeted by cyber attackers and email scammers in the past, though the Office of Information Technology has been able to keep threats or damage at bay with the help of its partners in technology, law enforcement and vigilant users on campus.

“We appreciate the attention given to the cybersecurity training,” said Shawn Miller, associate vice president for human resources. “The state’s online training modules effectively show how to protect your personal information as well as Boise State’s.”

The training dovetails with existing efforts from Boise State’s OIT to instill the idea that “cybersecurity is a team sport” and that everyone on campus plays a role in keeping information safe.

To learn more about the State of Idaho’s cybersecurity efforts, please visit For questions about the training, please contact Boise State Human Resources at (208) 426-1616.